Event Dashboard: Manage and track real-time ticket sales

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Ticketmelon’s comprehensive Event Dashboard shows you all the statistics you need to know about your Event. When you host an event on Ticketmelon, you instantly gain access to this feature where you can follow real-time updates on your event and understand your customer behavior, all in one place.

To access the Dashboard, head over to ‘Event Manager’ to select the Organizer account and the Event you wish to view.  

On the Dashboard page, you can choose to view your ‘Event Statistics’ or ‘Web Statistics.’

The Event Statistics section provides you with a general overview of your ticket sales, your buyer demographics (by age, gender, and country), order details, and current payout. All order details are available for download! It’s completely free of charge if you are the Organizer of the event.

The Web Statistics section lets you see your Page Views and Visitors and which channels drove visitors to your page. When you host another event, keep this in mind. Since you know how your customers got to your page, you can determine which platform to allocate your time.

Get familiar with your Event Dashboard. It can unlock insights and marketing potential, which are likely to increase ticket sales to your events.

Tips and Tricks: The meaning behind the colours on your Event Statistics bars

Blue, Yellow, and Red. What do these colours represent? The blue bars and numbers show the number of tickets that are paid, the yellow bars and numbers are the orders created but not paid, and the red bars are tickets generated.

You will see ‘Waiting for payment’ (yellow) under the following situations:

  1. If your customers choose to pay with a credit card, they are given 10 minutes to complete the payment.
  2. If your customers choose to pay with cash, they are given 2 hours to complete the payment.

If your customers don’t complete the purchase within the given time frame, the orders will disappear. See your Event statistics on Event Manager.

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