Here’s How Many Calories You Burn When Going Out to Concerts and Music Festivals

Live events like concerts and music festivals provide not just an opportunity for the fans to enjoy an epic performance from their favorite artists in front of their eyes, but also a period of time to let loose and forget about the worries of the everyday life. In the hours filled with fascinating visual displays and intoxicating sounds running through the speakers from the passion of the artists’ stage, we let go of our minds and let the music take over our movements. We often don’t know why we move like we do, but the more fun things get, the more sweat we break and the wider our smiles become. 

Of course, not everybody enjoys the experience to the fullest and those people often give the party enthusiasts uncomfortable looks. It can be discouraging and some free spirits even give up to peer pressure and tone down on their energy level. This not just decreases the overall liveliness of the crowd but also minimizes the benefits we’re supposed to get from coming out, both spiritually and physically.

While the emotional appeal of an event can be a result of multiple event factors, you can give your body an uplifting by just taking your hands out of your pocket. Start by waving your hands around and getting yourself comfortable, bop to the beat of the music, and jump with the crowd on the music queues. When you’ve got the hang of things, have a look at the list below and see how many you can tick off in one night. Even if you can do just one, we guarantee you’ll leave home in good spirit and in better shape. 

  • Shuffling – 361 cal / hour
  • Sprinting between the stages in a music festival – 361 cal/hour
  • Twerking – 390 cal/hour
  • Lifting a friend on your shoulder – 408 cal/hour
  • Calf raises (if you happen to be standing behind a giant person) – 204 cal/hour
  • Hula-hooping (even if you don’t have one!) – 432 cal/hour
  • Jumping to the music – 625 cal/hour
  • Walking (to buy a beer, to the bathroom, to the smoking area, or away from your ex) – 286 cal/hour

The next time you go out to a concert or a music festival, be sure to make it a chance to get fit and firm as well.
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